TeamKill Media has finally pleased us with a gameplay trailer for the space horror shooter Quantum Error. The indie project has been in development for a long time and ran into some problems due to the transition to Unreal Engine 5, but the release will take place very soon – November 5 this year. In the trailer, we were shown smooth switching from third to first person, boasted of a whole bestiary of a wide variety of creatures, and teased players a little about future boss fights.

The events of Quantum Error take us to the high-tech Monad facility, where scientists are researching technology and, apparently, various creatures. The plot begins with the complex being attacked by an unknown entity, which causes the laboratory to be completely isolated from the outside world.

We, a simple captain Jacob Thomas, are setting off to save the remaining scientists in Monad. But this, at first glance, an ordinary task very quickly develops into a nightmarish horror with adventures in other worlds.

The release of Quantum Error is planned exclusively for PlayStation 5. Versions for PC and Xbox are in the plans, but no exact dates have been announced. If you can’t wait to try the new product, it can be purchased at PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus users receive a 10% discount on pre-orders. Early access opens on Halloween – October 31st.


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