PUBG Mobile never ceases to amaze – developers are experimenting with modes and adding features like helicopters to individual modes. This time we will talk about tanks – they are available in the World of Wonders and Payload modes. Tanks are located in specific places on the map, plus there is a separate rocket launcher for them; with it, the tank will land epic on a parachute, spewing flames of fire.

To defeat opponents in PUBG Mobile, players must stand up correctly – the rear and side of the tank is dealt the most damage, while the front is the least. Bullets can also ricochet.

The PUBG Mobile tank can fit multiple players, one of them will steer and fire the main cannon, while the others will use the machine gun on the roof. Most of all, tanks will help in the fight against helicopters, but you need to aim accurately.

Such an innovation in PUBG Mobile will be interesting for fans of World of Tanks and Tank Company. In general, the video shows that it is played cheerfully, but some players complain that the PUBG developers copy ideas from Fortnite and Free Fire.


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