Project OC is a mobile game in the RPG genre where you collect fantasy heroes. This is necessary to win auto-battles that take place in corridor locations against waves of enemies. In this regard, Project OC is reminiscent of RAID: Shadow Legends.

Project OC can be downloaded on Android via American Google Play. The publication is handled by Exptional Global, the global subsidiary of NetEase Games.

The early version of Project OC already has in-game purchases, but the number of downloads is still small – 500+. This means that the game has recently entered the trial launch stage, and the publisher is not going to advertise it yet.

That is, we have before us a project that may not make it to global launch if NetEase Games considers it uninteresting. Or maybe we have a game in front of us that will become a full-fledged alternative to RAID.

The developers of Project OC claim that leveling up of heroes continues even when the player is offline. For example, you can send your squad on an expedition to an unexplored region.

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