Today at the exhibition G-Star 2023 Korean company NCsoft presented a trailer and screenshots of its new project, which became known at the beginning of this year – Project M. So far, there is too little information about the action adventure for unnamed consoles and PCs, but the developers said that they will clarify the details tomorrow – November 17 . At the same time, an “interview about the upcoming project” will take place, during which information on the progress of development will be given.

The interview can be viewed on YouTube company channelbut only in Korean.

In a short trailer, we were shown the gameplay of Project M: a certain location in the form of an abandoned amusement park, enemies infected with an unknown virus, and a combat system. The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of The Last of Us and Killing Floor, where there is both stealth and simply “shooting” opponents running towards us. Also in one of the frames you can see an unusual enemy – a large zombie that can withstand several shots from the main character.

Another feature of the game that immediately catches your eye is the strange transition from the normal world to the destroyed one. One gets the feeling that the hero is killing opponents in an alternative reality – immediately after the death of the latter, the world returns to normal.


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