Korean publisher NCsoft has released a new trailer for the game Project G. It is cross-platform and is being developed for PCs and smartphones. There is no release date yet, but more details will be announced tomorrow, November 17th.

Project G will be a typical MMORTS, where players create their own states on the world map, join clans and fight each other for resources. You can also expect more local battles, familiar to fans of classic RTS games. So far, the interface and how it will all look on smartphones have not been shown.

This is what the guild menu will look like. In addition to the head, there will be several positions – commander, strategy adviser and even diplomat. All this will be done by different players.

Guilds will also have various factions, the leaders of which will be specially selected gamers. In general, there will be a specific hierarchy that goes beyond the typical MMO on any platform.

All these hierarchies and guilds are needed not only for PvP and species, but also for large-scale PvE raids on the dragon’s lair. The enemy is smart, so his units will be able to ambush you when crossing the bridge.

It is likely that the leader of the offensive will give direct orders to his charges, indicating the direction of attack of different groups on the global map. On a PC, this is done in seconds using markers and tags.

I don’t think you’ve ever seen such large-scale raids before.

Here comes the boss fight. He can use AoE.

Also in the game there will be different portals with movement to other zones.

More screenshots at Gematsu.


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