A non-linear first-person shooter in the vein of Hotline Miami, Project Downfall is preparing to move to Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. MGP Studios and Solid9 Studio did not give specific dates, but said that the Nintendo version is expected in November of this year, and the console version “a little later.” At the moment the game is on Steam in Russian – its price 590 rubles.

Project Downfall takes us to an amazing cyberpunk future, filled to the brim with neon, in which the European Union has loosened its grip and given way to the Novorossiysk Federation. And all the action takes place in the Crimson Tide metropolis, which is ruled not by the authorities, but by corporations greedy for everything in the world.

We have to play for one of the corporate employees of such a “giant”, who has become the people’s avenger. On his behalf, we will take part in shootouts, upgrade our body to the level of John Wick and become a hero for the whole city. Or we won’t – after all, the game has 12 different endings.

Project Downfall has a chance to please you if you are a fan:

  • A wide variety of enemies in the spirit of the cyberpunk outback of Russia (a la disco of the 80s with neon);
  • Dynamic shootings from everything that came to hand, accompanied by energetic music;
  • Moral choices and very important decisions in between the retro neon absurdity.



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