How to earn and where to spend gold in Prime World?

Any FTPMMO has a similar currency. The names are different: gold, gold, therium, dark matter, crystals. But the point is the same. This is a premium currency that makes life much easier for players who do not mind spending some amount of real money. As a rule, help consists in speeding up any processes or obtaining pleasant cosmetic changes.

The period of the pay-to-win concept has long come to an end, and those developers who try to resort to it are quickly losing both their audience and money. However, those who limit the premium currency (or, as it is popularly called, donat) to the above-mentioned opportunities, as a rule, do not lose out. One more thing is becoming more and more popular with regard to gold. Namely – in-game earnings. That is, through game methods to obtain such a currency. All this is in the growing popularity of MOBA Prime World. This article will cover all the main aspects regarding gold in this game: ways to get and earn money, and, of course, ways to spend. So, let’s start our accounting consultation (shutka!).

“Money, money, money”

So, for starters, I’ll tell you how you can earn gold in Prime World (where to spend it is an easier question).

To date, there are no publicly available ways to obtain gold without investing the real (although this does not mean that they do not exist). Links to promo codes appear from time to time, but even those are not always working, or working only temporarily. Therefore, you will have to spend a little, nevertheless. That is to deposit real money. This is done from a personal account. The average price is 1 gold for 1.7 rubles. The price varies from time to time, depending on market conditions, but significant changes rarely occur.

By acquiring even a small initial capital, you can provide yourself with a stable inflow of gold already without investments. To do this, it is enough to buy the first hero for a special promotion. Spending will be only 9 gold (that is, about 16 rubles), but, in return, in addition to the hero, you get a special structure – a treasury. It is she who will replenish your gold supply daily. So, as you can see, by spending literally a penny, you can provide yourself with a stable influx of gold.

There are also missions, promotions, various events, by completing or passing which you can also earn gold, but all these are special cases. However, in these ways you can earn gold without investing real at all, but you will have to sweat on the playing fields. One way or another, but the main options have already been listed above.

“Shopping time”

So, okay, here we have earned the coveted gold in one way or another. Now the next question arises – what to spend it on?

The question is nice and interesting. Agree, spending is always much more interesting than earning. Despite the fact that pay-to-win is completely absent here, gold can be great for hurried people or people with heightened aesthetic needs (read: picky). Was it not quite clear? Nothing, now we will put everything on the shelves.

So, the first thing you can spend gold on is the restoration of the hero’s strength. The fact is that a tired hero (in the sense of one who has already managed to make war) can continue to fight an unlimited number of battles in a row further, but only by 1/3 of the effectiveness. No, no, this is not about combat effectiveness, everything will be the same as always. It’s about the effectiveness of the trophies and experience gained. That is, the hero will develop more slowly and bring less income. You can, of course, switch to another character, but if, for example, you fell in love with the Huntsman, you are unlikely to immediately want to switch to Lightning. That’s what gold is for. The fact is that in your castle you can build a special structure – a bathhouse. In it, tired heroes return to normal. However, in normal mode, this takes some time, and if you spend gold, then everything happens much faster (apparently, they start using a whip instead of a broom). That is, you can play your favorite character almost continuously.

The second is the appearance of the heroes, or, as people call it, skins. Each character has five additional skins, which, again, can only be obtained with gold. It must be admitted that the images are most amusing. For example, Thumbelina for the Frog Rider, or someone suspiciously reminiscent of Iron Man for Lightning (which is only the phrase: “Even in a suit, I’m still a genius, playboy and philanthropist”). All these options make the game much more interesting.

Well, the third, closest to the functionality. Detachment of talents. For white and green talents, it can be spent at the expense of silver, but for blue and purple – only for gold. If you made the wrong choice in the layout in the past, gold will save you.

The latest ways to spend gold

There is also the construction of the Cat’s or Dog’s house, which speeds up the buildup of heroes and expands the volume of warehouses. Buying talent packs, buying heroes, speeding up prime mining – all this requires gold. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to spend. However, even if you decide to do without gold, you can play quite comfortably and with pleasure. And if you manage to get the coveted metal, the game will become even more pleasant and brighter. Happy shopping!


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