Publisher X-Legend made it possible to preload the Tales of Dragon client on the App Store and Google Play. I am glad that the game will also be launched in Russia – the opening of the servers is scheduled for July 4th.

The mobile MMORPG Tales of Dragon will have 4 main classes: Warrior with physical damage, mage with ranged damage, archer and priest. Probably, these classes will also be tied to the gender of the hero. To increase damage, you need to summon pets, including baby dragons. As they level up, they will evolve, which will eventually allow them to grow to gigantic sizes.

Even in Tales of Dragon, you can find your love and get married, and in the meantime go on a raid with a guild. Since this is a mobile MMO, some of the resources can be earned offline, in idle mode.

A little more information about Tales of Dragon, including links to the developers’ social networks, at official website. Judging by the appearance, the game will run on weak mobile devices. The developers also added auto-battle and auto-questing.

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