Publisher GOAT Games is conducting pre-registration for Dungeon Hunter VI on the App Store and Google Play in many countries, including the United States. Unfortunately, in the Russian Federation you cannot register, and therefore receive rewards at the start of the servers. I recommend that such gamers subscribe to Dungeon Hunter 6 on AppTime and wait for installation instructions.

Dungeon Hunter VI will be released on October 13th, approximately at 17:00 Moscow time. On the official website You can watch the official trailer and pre-registration rewards.

In Dungeon Hunter VI you need to choose a hero with a unique class, and the character can be customized and made more narrowly focused. It is also worth collecting lieutenants who will help in boss raids.

The good news is that in Dungeon Hunter VI there will be Russian localization. You should also expect an achievement, as the App Store will support Game Center. The client’s weight will be 2.9 GB; I expect that additional files will need to be downloaded during the game itself.

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