Revelation M, aka Revelation: Infinite Journey, is a mobile MMORPG that can be played across South Korea, and soon throughout the world. The global version will be published by HAOPLAY Inc; Among the territories are Europe, America and the CIS.

Pre-registration for Revelation M is currently underway through official site and Google Play. At the time of writing the news, the App Store page is inactive in Russia, the USA and the Philippines.

Revelation M will have Russian localization, but it will be done with the help of artificial intelligence. Because of this, quality can suffer greatly. Despite this, the publisher will ask players for help in finding errors in the translation. For this they will receive a reward in the form of game currency.

Revelation M will offer journeys across the sky and sea; screenshots on Google Play hint that some of the quests will take place underwater. And for a large number of pre-registrations, all players will receive rewards after the servers are launched.

By the way, an official group was created for Revelation M In contact with.

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