The global version of the mobile game Metria is preparing for release. Pre-registration is underway in the App Store and Google Play with an approximate release date of November 7th. There may not be a Russian language: it is not listed in the Apple market.

According to the gameplay, players will choose 3 characters to form a team from them and destroy enemies using active skills. To win, you need to accurately switch between heroes, which is reminiscent of the mechanics of Genshin Impact.

Metria will involve exploring manually controlled locations, destroying monsters in the open world, leveling up and cutting down trees. As for touch controls, too much load will fall on the right hand – more than 8 buttons.

There will be several classes, including knight, mage and archer. You probably won’t be able to change your character’s gender. As for the plot, according to the description in the markets, it can be noted that it is made in the “misfit” genre.

Recommended System Requirements

  • Android 9;
  • 6 GB RAM;
  • Wi-Fi for downloading startup data.

There are no system requirements for iOS yet.

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