Reverse 1999 is set to be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2023. Meanwhile, publisher Bluepoch has released a new trailer that marks the start of pre-registration for the global version of Reverse 1999.

You can register in the App Store and Google Play, and the game can also be released in the Russian Federation. If you believe the Apple market, then the release of Reverse 1999 may take place on October 26, 2023. This is consistent with comments from the developers, who stated that they would release the game this year.

Unfortunately, Reverse 1999 may not have Russian localization. And since the game focuses on voiced dialogues, jokes and plot, it’s worth brushing up your English. Let me remind you that this game is the debut release of Bluepoch.

Reverse 1999 has to be the best anime-themed turn-based RPG on smartphones. It would be ideal to play it on tablets. Players will cast spells against enemies, learn arcane skills, and take part in an adventure through time with magicians and wizards.

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