Night Crows is a cross-platform MMORPG for smartphones and PCs, which is made on the Unreal Engine 5. Players will find themselves in Europe of the 13th century, only darker and with a touch of fantasy.

Pre-registration for the global version of Night Crows starts on January 11, 2024. Since WeMade is the publisher, expect NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Players will be able to own characters, their equipment and trade them.

The developers of Night Crows promise that the Web3 economy in this game will be closely related to in-game content and the added value that gamers will bring to this world.

If everything goes well, then Night Crows can be called the only successful NFT project, where not only whales, but also ordinary gamers. So far, with a stretch, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds can be classified in this category – at least the game is still alive and updates are coming out for it.

Among the 6 supported cryptocurrencies will be Ethereum. This is a new trend among similar games.


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