Valkyrious is a new mobile game from publisher Wemade. It will be F2P with in-game purchases. So far, the project is undergoing pre-registration on iOS and Android; release scheduled for October 26, 2023.

The developers of Valkyrious are positioning it as a card strategy, but from the screenshots it is clear that it will be a CCG like Hearthstone or Marvel Snap, only with an anime style. That is, players build decks of cards with anime girls and participate in PvP matches that last 3 minutes.

The creators of Valkyrious promise different modes, including story and Arena. Top players will compete for the title of the best in tournamentwhere from 4 to 64 applicants take part.

One of the disadvantages of this game is that the App Store states that it will only be in English. And one of the advantages is vertical gameplay with one-button pumping of Valkyries. Gameplay and PvP will be divided into seasons, and the leaderboard will accommodate players from different regions and countries: Korea, Great Britain, Japan, Russia, and so on.

Wait! After all, Wemade makes P2E games!

That’s right, and Valkyrious is no exception. Judging by the official websitethen it will also contain NFTs and the Wemix crypto.

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