Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains is a mobile game in the RPG genre, where you need to assemble a squad of 3D heroes and participate in wall-to-wall battles. The project is pre-loaded through the App Store and Google Play in Southeast Asian countries. The list includes Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries in this region.

The Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains servers will start on November 9 at 5 a.m. Moscow time. You can download the APK through the official website.

Judging by the Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains website, more than 1.5 million gamers have pre-registered, so all rewards will be waiting in the in-game mail. Their list includes at least 23 summoning tickets and even characters.

The developers of Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains promise real-time duels, story inserts and strategic battles using cards. After the servers start, players will have access to a banner with an increased chance of being summoned, a limited-time “Fierce Battle” event, and gifts.

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