The role-playing game One Punch Man World has appeared on Google Play in the country of St. Kitts and Nevis. The game client can be downloaded in advance before the start of the beta test, which is scheduled from 18 to 26 October.

Reddit users claim that the total weight of the One Punch Man World client is almost 7 GB. Only English is available in languages. The publisher is Crunchyroll, which caused outrage among many due to the strong donation in past games.

In addition to turn-based battles in a wall-to-wall format, the developers of One Punch Man World promise exploration of a futuristic metropolis, perhaps even in free form. If so, then this game gravitates towards the Persona and Zenless Zone Zero series. Activities in the open city include playing a mini-game at the arcade and buying delicious food at the supermarket.

Among the advantages for fans “One Punch Man– The plot revolves around the face of this anime, Saitama. He will be opposed by powerful villains:

  • King of Dungeons;
  • Mosquito Girl;
  • King of Beasts;
  • And so on.


If you believe TapTap, to access the servers, you had to fill out an application and receive an invitation. Test platforms: PC and Android.

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