Metria is an anime-themed mobile RPG that releases on November 7th. You can now download the client via the App Store and Google Play. The developers reported this on official website.

The game will tell a typical story about a “misfit” in the world of medieval fantasy. Gamers will have to create a squad of 3 heroes and switch between them, as this is the key to victory. Judging by the information from the site, the roster of heroes is small – 6 characters.

Battles in Metria take place in real time. The graphics are as vibrant as those in Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, there will be no Russian localization. In general, you can try the project for the beautiful locations.

Metria will be a F2P game, but the developers are keeping quiet about the presence of online elements. I expect gamers to explore a large, open world, and interact with each other rarely if at all. If PvP is added to the game, it will offer something more than Genshin.

Metria system requirements

  • Android 9;
  • 6 GB RAM;
  • Wi-Fi.

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