Fans of the Portal series from the Second Face Software studio announced the release date and showed a trailer for the prequel mod to Portal 2 – the puzzle game Portal: Revolution. In the fan craft, we will find a full-fledged storyline, unfamiliar characters and more than 40 tasks with new mechanics. The project was created on a modified version of the engine from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and in the future plans to acquire convenient tools and its own soundtrack.

By the way, the release is already scheduled for January 5, 2024. Only in Steam.

The plot of Portal: Revolution will take us to an abandoned Enrichment Center, and the events will unfold approximately between the first and second parts of the series. We’ll play as a test subject brought to life by Stirling, a personality module who wants to restore Aperture Science with the help of an unusual, powerful tool.

In the modification they are waiting for us

  • More than 40 puzzles with new mechanics and riddles for the portal gun;
  • High level of difficulty, like the finale of Portal 2. But with a very clear and detailed tutorial for beginners;
  • About 5-7 hours of gameplay.



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