Temtem An MMO clearly inspired by Pokémon. The game is currently available in early version format on PC (Steam, Humble Store) and PlayStation 5, with a full release on September 6th. To commemorate this event, the publishing house humble games and studio Crema published a trailer with an analysis of the final version.

AT Temtem 1.0 will appear:

  • Seasonal update system and battle pass with free and paid reward lines.

  • The final island in the archipelago. On the island you will find new activities, places to shop and areas to explore, including with friends.

  • Exclusive cosmetic items in the premium store that will be added every season.

Recall that in creation Crema you have to explore the islands and replenish your collection of Temtems – local Pokémon. The authors highlight the following features of the game:

  • Story campaign covering six islands.

  • Multiplayer with co-op and PvP support.

  • Possibility to buy your own house.

  • A rich system of visual customization – both your character and his home are configured.

Beyond PC and PS5 release Temtem will also visit Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.


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