If you don’t know whether the Point Blank shooter is worth playing in 2023, read our latest review, in which we’ll talk about how this project feels at the moment.

It’s worth saying right away that Point Blank is a fairly ancient game – its official release took place in 2008. Then the project turned out to be very successful; it attracted the attention of many fans of the genre. In addition, the developers were steadily rolling out updates, so there was no doubt that the title would occupy its niche.


So, Point Blank is an online 1st person shooter focused on PvP. It features endless action in which players constantly fight with each other, farm money and capture enemy territories. That’s it in a nutshell.

The project is very peaceful towards beginners: as soon as you enter the game, they will immediately give you a bunch of goodies for an easy start. Well, in principle, this is the case in many games now. You create your own unique character, who needs to be pumped up and, as you progress, different guns, cosmetics and other goodies will be revealed to you.

Well, let’s talk about everything in order.


Gameplay-wise, as we said above, Point Blank is a typical 1st-person shooter with a multiplayer twist. The game takes place in a fictional world, inviting players to fight each other in several modes. We have a typical destruction of the enemy team, there is a mode for the destruction of a specific structure, there is an explosion, and so on. You or your friend (or any other player) creates a custom match by first selecting the conditions, after which the match begins.

In addition to PvP modes, the game also has PvE activities. In them you are opposed by bots with rather dull AI, on which you can practice using one or another gun. Before the actual battle, your character can be equipped with various bonuses (here they are issued as coupons), which will give one or another bonus when activated.

In battles you need to complete various tasks (for example, make a certain number of headshots or kill a specific number of enemies), for which, if successful, you can get some goodies. As a rule, these are cosmetics or the same coupons, so spending your time at Point Blank is rewarded.

Graphic arts

The picture in Point Blank is frankly outdated. It feels like the developers haven’t updated it since the game came out. Of course, for a first-person shooter this doesn’t really matter, but, to be honest, when you go to the servers, bloody tears flow from your eyes from such next-gen.

Point Blank Review in 2023: Still Alive?


As for guns and melee weapons, the game has no problems with this. The project presents all modern models of weapons, including edged weapons.

Guns are divided into several categories (main weapons, melee weapons, special weapons, grenades, additional accessories). There is no way to improve the barrels; all modules installed on them are “soldered” to the guns and cannot be removed. But the skins are “removed”, of which there are a lot. It’s immediately obvious what the developers paid special attention to.


Point Blank also does well with optimization. Over the years since its release, the authors have been able to polish the technical part, and, frankly, there is nothing in the shooter that could, at least in theory, require pumped-up hardware.

On the other hand, this is good, since many of us have “basins” that are many years old, and no “Cyberpunk” can be launched on them. You can safely turn all the settings in Point Blank to maximum and, we assure you, the FPS counter will still go off scale.


There is a lot of donation in the game, although you really don’t need to spend real money in this game. Most of the goods sold for real money are obtained in chests (yes, this project still uses the frankly outdated mechanics of “surprise boxes”), from which you can get skins for weapons and characters, masks, etc.

Point Blank Review in 2023: Still Alive?


Is Point Blank worth playing in 2023? Well, what can I say, for these days the game is frankly outdated. Old graphics, outdated mechanics, and, frankly speaking, the project is not able to offer anything particularly interesting to its players. That’s why we should give our preference to Point Blank, and not the same CS2, which can boast of a good picture, convenient gameplay, and a pumped-up competitive mode?

Having spent some time in the project, it seems that the developers have given up on it a long time ago. Yes, there are players on the servers, but there are so few of them that you will rarely see at least 5 created custom arenas in the lobby with the number of participants filled.

To be fair, if you really have nothing to do, then you can hang out at Point Blank. True, then you need to be prepared to endure eye-catching graphics and dull shootings. There can be no talk of any tactical component here, everything is banal and as old as the world.

So it goes.


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