to the PC market continues. Now PlayStation has opened a whole section on its website with ports of games from its internal studios.

The page has two tabs – with available and upcoming projects. Already released
God of War,
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Days Gone
the company was Predator: Hunting Grounds
and helldivers. The appearance of the last two games in the list is explained by the fact that they were published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The next native platform must leave
Marvel’s Spider-Man
(12th of August), Miles Morales
(autumn 2022) and Ucharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (until the end of the year). The exact release date for Nathan Drake’s adventures has yet to be officially announced. According to unconfirmed reports, this may happen on October 19th.

Also, in the FAQ Sony patiently explains that owners of copies for the PlayStation will have to buy ports – on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Also, console players will have to rediscover their achievements when moving to PC, since progress from PSN is not transferred.

Meanwhile, the first reviews about the technical condition of the PC port appeared Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game is stable on top machines and looks cool on Steam Deck (with reservations), but sags on weak computers.


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