How to have good fun de_cache for counter-terrorists, we have already figured it out. And now let’s try to break through our own defense for the terrorists. Go!

It is important to understand that there are only three especially important points on the map, and it is for them, and not for anything else, that you will fight: the main entrance to A, the center and hall B. And even if you manage to do everything later using the mindless meat method , it is better to have an advantage in the very first minutes of the round. The reasons are simple: your butcher shop can very easily be covered with smoke grenades, flash drives and Molotov cocktails. And while you wait for the smoke to dissipate, the defenders on the other side of the map may realize that there is no one on your point. And then you will realize that you are surrounded and pressed like mice – and cats are not cute creatures at all, but bloodthirsty counter-terrorist creatures.

Cache is a map that is won with information. When your team is dispersed across the map, what is worth doing is collecting and sharing as much information as possible. After a while, you should already have a rough idea of ​​where the counter-terrorists are. Although it’s more important to know what they know and where they probably aren’t, be careful not to sneak up on you from behind.

Freedom of action through control of the center

Playing on de_cache in CS:GO as terrorists
If you kill someone in the center, then you slow down the counter-terrorists’ potential abrupt transition to another point. If you don’t kill someone in the center, but take control of that center, then they have to leave someone to look after you – and that will also slow them down.

It is also worth saying that killing on A and B is a big win. If your teammate wins a one-on-one matchup on B, then you can support him through the ventilation and capture the point before the counter-terrorists can even react. If the guy on A kills someone on A, then you can run to him from above. In a word, you understand: control over the center means freedom and, in general, every chance of winning.

It is not so easy to seize control over this center. But probably. If the counter-terrorists fill the center with smoke, all you have to do is send the kid to clear the area under the ventilation, or generally just wait until the smoke clears.

Playing on de_cache in CS:GO

You might like the idea of ​​letting someone go ahead – just don’t toil like this every round, otherwise you’ll just be cut off (by the way, it’s relevant in principle for everything). This someone, in addition to intelligence, is also able to build such a wall of smoke in order to smoke two terrorists out of the garage:

But even if the middle is a lot, it is by no means everything. Plus, doing it every round would be just plain boring. And if you notice that your opponents are strengthening the defense of the center, then it’s time to hit A or B instead.

On the next page: see what can be done on A and B.

Cool trick from squeaky

Game on de_cache
So, for one reason or another, you decide to attack the A site. So, look what squeaky came up with. This flash drive, apparently, can return your chances of winning if used wisely:

It is especially effective to combine it with a flue from above. It’s much harder to turn away from a flash grenade that you can’t even see. Potentially, you can blind the enemies behind the lift, on the bridge and at the point with just one flash drive – agree, not bad. Push the enemies away from the door and clear the point. Trust your teammates to take care of counter-terrorists who might be hiding somewhere near the forklift. Thus, you will get fast and high-quality access to A.

Game on de_cache

Molotovs are good if you want to clear an area without too much pressure. Take two people as assistants and do something like this:

After all this, you should worry about two aspects less while taking the point. You will only have to clear it, the bridge and the lift, which should not be a problem if five of you are still alive. Provided, of course, that you smoked the area between the elevator and the red container.

Chimneys on V

It can be quite tricky to take if you don’t know if someone is in the vent or not. If you get caught with a good attack from behind with it, then your attack will be slowed down so badly – so that reinforcements will arrive before you plant the bomb. And here again control over the center will come to the rescue. You need at least one scout guy to check and clean the vents and all the nooks and crannies. It’s also his job to make sure his teammates don’t get approached while they’re throwing their smokes.

These two smokers can be really effective, especially if you have a sniper lined up against you.

Planting the bomb and what happens after

Playing on de_cache in CS:GO as terrorists
After you have taken control of the point, you need to correctly assess the situation. Do you have enough time to plant the bomb in the open, or will new forces come soon? If the answer is yes, then it is worth trying at one of these points.

But if you think that the risk of counter-terrorists appearing in time is too high, then it is better to choose a safer place. It’s better to make it harder-but-safe than to regret it later. This will, of course, limit your movements after planting the bomb, but it is likely to be worth it. Don’t see the possible consequences? Please: your hands are already trembling with tension, because you are a scout, and your teammates are starting to break down on you. And the bomb is behind one of the boxes on B. You hear that it is already being defused, you hesitate for only a second, you decide to intervene, but you don’t have time. And not only did you fail your team by failing to stop the counter-terrorists, but you also lost your fine weapons and amazing armor.

But if you plant a bomb on one of the points shown above, your positions after that, which would otherwise be weak, can become really impenetrable. Which is especially true for the main entrance at A and the scouts at B.

In general, you can see that too many little things decide the outcome of the round. But we hope that new knowledge will help you to gain an advantage. And yes, good luck!

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