de_cache differs from the rest of the cards primarily in that it is very obviously divided into two parts by a platform in the middle. And this, of course, leaves a huge imprint on defense tactics. Firstly, if you manage to take control of the center, it will be much more difficult for terrorists to plant a bomb – you will simply limit their actions. Secondly, if the terrorists manage to kill the defenders of the center, you will have to run across the entire map to settle in another place. In general, to say that this middle zone is the key on the map is even stupid – it’s just obvious.

But before talking about the methods of protecting different parts of the map, it is worth mentioning that there are a great many tactics – not only on de_cache, but also on all other locations. “Correct” among them does not exist. Some people like to leave one defender on B, whose task is to survive for a long time until the centers come to his aid or until he knows the positions of the terrorists for teammates who will return the point. Or two defenders on A, because this place is just a storehouse of cool strategies that two teammates can pull off working together. Or two players in the center – you can either quickly call them to one of the points if the enemies are attacking too hard, or return one of them without giving up control of the middle completely. Or all at once. Shall we start?

Active duet on the A site

Playing on de_cache in CS:GO

The most important thing you’ll need on A is a partner you can talk to. Oh, trust me, you want to know what he’s going to do. Otherwise, it may well turn out that while you remain at the entrance and hide, quietly looking through the positions, your partner decides to go into the meat and kill all the enemies without your support. Agree, not much. Consistency isn’t just good, it’s your foundation.

It’s a good idea to hide the spy behind the forklift: he will be able to determine the beginning of the attack on both the door and the main entrance, but more importantly, he can hear the enemy approaching the entrance even before they break in. And, of course, a warning. And when you receive a warning, you gracefully throw the flash drive around the corner. This throw even has its own name: after the nickname of the French player NBK (Natural Born Killer).

Game on de_cache

If you notice that your opponents are starting to take control of the center, then you can use this smoke (or flash) grenade to help one of your teammates escape by climbing the boxes. Another comrade can get out through the roofs or balcony and hold the door. Moreover, do not think that they are lost – they are ready for work and defense at any moment when you just need support in the center. Mobility and flexibility on Cache means everything – master it!

By the way, a player on the boxes can (if you’re lucky) kill one or even two opponents who will probably climb to storm A, no matter how genius you are and no matter how well you calculated everything. And remember! If you fail in the defense of the center, then jump down. Otherwise, when the terrorists attack from above, you will turn into a cackling mother hen, which, in fact, can only cackle. And not for long.

Center hold and point B

game on de_cache

Almost-same-same-dynamic duo in the center

It is often very good to have one teammate close to the garages. He can jump out like a devil out of a snuffbox, and due to this, both help on B, and slip into the rear of the terrorists and tritely cut them with a knife. But for this to be possible, you need one player who will hang around near the white box, sandbags or tunnel. For what? To help you with flash drives and other goodies! Maybe even AWP. But sometimes it does not interfere with even two people for such purposes. If the terrorists see through your aggressive tactics, they can wall you up in smoke, get out of the garage and just destroy the poor guy under the ventilation.

If you know that your fearless enemies are already driven out of the garage, you can use this flash drive in the hope of earning a kill or two. Regardless of the angle, all opponents looking at the white box will be very surprised by its unsurpassed whiteness – in other words, blinded. And you – to giggle angrily on the sidelines, without betraying your involvement in this … Except for shooting, of course.

Sometimes it is possible to let the teammate out of the center to play cool in the ventilation. This is especially effective if you have a sniper on your team: then he can focus on cover and leave the garage for the newly minted chimney sweep. We’ll discuss this in more detail a little later.

Solo defense on B: sung team hero

game on de_cache
The B player must be smart and quick-witted. He will have to simultaneously make sure that he repels attacks in time, and that he survives long enough for reinforcements to arrive (which, of course, have their own tasks at this time – also important). And in order to cope with this, you may even have to dance around the boxes. Tango with terrorists is almost romantic. Perhaps it will even be fatal for a couple of them – if the skill and luck are enough.

Yes, of course, it is much easier to hold B together. However, if part of the team is always ready to come back and help you, you can fully enjoy the advantages of two players in the center and on A, without too much risk.

And yes. Remember that chimney sweep? The guy in the center is going to need our dashing hero on B to push someone towards the vent. The B player can use this smoker and maybe even a flash drive. In a word, everything is in your hands.

You may be a little lonely on B. But still, do not rush to return until you know for sure and for sure that the terrorists are attacking A. Otherwise, believe me, you can very quickly merge the round. Remember, you are a hero, and there must be only one hero! Well, or let it friends come to him. But not vice versa.

What if the terrorists take control of the center from round to round?

Game on de_cache
Albert Einstein is said to have once defined insanity as “the repetition of the same action in the hope of a different result.” So, don’t go crazy. If you see that you can’t manage to keep the center, then give it up and try something else. For example, put a sniper around the corner to protect. Fuck!

And one more can be left in the tunnel. It is he who will perfectly hear the steps in the center. And if your opponents get closer, then a flash drive in their face (well, not really) and again – bdysh!

Game on de_cache

And if you choose this path, you can have three players on A and two on B at the same time – in any sense you want.

Good luck – and have fun!

Useful video: playing on the de_cache map


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