Sandbox Interactive is giving players of the hardcore MMORPG Albion Online one last chance to move their islands before the Wild Blood update arrives on October 16th.

The massive update will introduce a ton of new content and gameplay changes, including the addition of werewolf weapons, a tracking system, and a reorganization of player islands.

With the release of Wild Blood, players’ islands will receive production bonuses based on the biome in which they are located.

In the Wild Blood update, crops, herbs, and farm animals will grow differently in different biomes,” explains the studio. »

Each city will have local bonuses for growing one crop, one herb, one farm animal and one additional agricultural object with increased productivity.

These bonuses will operate and display similarly to the locally produced bonuses that apply to crafting.”

Thus, it is important for players to choose the right location that suits their needs. The last island transfer window for players will be open until Wild Blood launches on October 16th.

So, if you are still playing Albion and have not yet moved your island, then you have a little less than a month to do it.


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