Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder was supposed to leave early access in the summer, but is a bit delayed. The full release will take place on September 15, the same day the roguelike autobattler will be released on consoles.

Recall the essence of the game. First you need to arm the pink men with callous pretzels, refrigerators and other non-obvious weapons. This wacky army will then take on monsters and other players in a procedurally generated post-apocalyptic maze.

Together with the release on September 15 Despot’s Game will receive an addition “Trials”. There will be 20 missions without random generation – each enemy and item will have a fixed spawn point. Those who buy the game before the release of early access will get the DLC for free.

At the time of writing the news Despot’s Game has an 86% rating on Steam based on 1,526 reviews. Users point out an entertaining mix of autobattler and roguelike, meme references and nice pixel art.

Developed by a Russian studio Konfa Gamesand the edition tinyBuild.

Release version Despot’s Game will visit PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation, Xbox (including Game Pass) and Nintendo Switch.

Also, in honor of the announcement of the release date Konfa Games donates his previous game to Steam – Despotism 3k. You can pick up a humorous resource manager with roguelike elements until August 11, 10:00 Moscow time.


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