Mark November 2nd in red on your calendar – Phantom Blade: Executioners is coming to PC, smartphones and PlayStation consoles. On the official website the start of pre-registration is indicated. Unfortunately, of all the links, only the App Store does not work. But on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store and Google Play the game can be ordered in advance. For that players will receive rewards.

According to the Phantom Blade: Executioners Steam page, Russian is not supported. This is bad because this game places an emphasis on plot and branching dialogue with NPCs. Moreover, your choices influence the development of history.

Phantom Blade: Executioners feature in free character development. Although the talent tree is not as extensive as in Path of Exile, the player can choose which skills to use and enhance to create killer combos.

The main goal of each hero is to knock out rare loot from enemies. Top equipment can only be collected in dungeons, and can also be improved using materials.

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