The mobile game Phantom Blade: Executioners has become available in the App Store and Google Play. This is a release, but without the Russian language. In addition to the main plot, players will participate in co-op.

This project suggests taking on the role of a ninja who manually destroys enemies and collects materials from them for leveling up. Missions are divided into locations with interaction with NPCs to improve skills.

New Phantom Blade: Executioners will receive the following rewards:

  • x1 epic phantom;
  • x200,000 coins;
  • x5 hearts;
  • x30 stamina.

At the start of Phantom Blade: Executioners you can choose 1 of 4 heroes; appearance and gender cannot be changed. Players will go through a tutorial, but it doesn’t really help – the interface doesn’t seem intuitive. Even when you have to monitor the CD of active skills.

Players will be able to find their own fighting style by combining different abilities. The developers promise that you won’t have to remember combos.

As for the combat animations, they were handled by the person who had a hand in Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

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