Action roguelike returnal received a technical update on the PC. Below is a list of changes.

  • Stuttering was partially fixed on processors with less than eight cores.

  • Partially solved the problem with “stuttering” when ray tracing is enabled.

  • The game should no longer crash when detecting or using translocators.

  • Fixed a crash that happened in battles and in scenes with a lot of particles.

  • Now it is possible to use Intel XeSS technology on hardware not from Intel.

  • Fixed a bug due to which the campaign became impassable after the player killed the Typhonops and used the reconstructor.

  • The 3840×1600 resolution is now displayed correctly.

  • Fixed in-game time out of sync with the time in the Steam overlay.

  • By optimizing the installation, the size of the game files has been reduced.

PC Developers returnal assured that they are monitoring community feedback. In a future patch, the authors intend to improve the performance of the action, get rid of another bug with translocators and improve the work of the cooperative.

February 18 ⋅ 16

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