Payday: Crime War had a complicated history, which I discussed in a separate article. But after PopReach studio took on the game, hope appeared. Indeed, Crime War is almost a transfer of the first Payday to touch screens; classic gameplay about heists, and even with PvP.

But even after the release, Payday: Crime War had bugs, and the search for random players to join the team was so long that even the most ardent fan of this franchise ran out of patience.

Therefore, PopReach turned to the players with a statement – Payday: Crime War will be closed. Servers will be shut down on October 10from that moment on, even those who have already downloaded the client will not be able to play.

But if you don’t want to say goodbye to Payday: Crime War so easily, then there is one option – players will receive 100,000 gold. They can use this currency as they wish; for example, the battle pass and safes are sold at a discount.


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