Multiplayer shooter PAYDAY: Crime War is now available in the UK. The developers announced this through their social networks. Unfortunately, while the game does not arouse interest among the general public – on May 15, the developers reported that the number of pre-registrations had exceeded 100,000. Compared to mobile gachas with numbers under 2 million, this is still a weak result.

However, the creators of the mobile game PAYDAY: Crime War announced that the world release will be soon. At the time of writing, the early version in the UK has only made it to 141 in RPGs.

Recall that PAYDAY: Crime War is already undergoing seasonal tests, and players can upgrade the battle pass. Monetization has been added to the game, according to the App Store, so progress after the end of the trial run may not be deleted or simply reset with refands and unique gifts.

Recall that PAYDAY: Crime War has an age rating of 18+. Probably, this will not allow her to reach the heights – the same Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has a rating of 16+.

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