Pathfinders are one of the most sought after classes in Archeage. They have devastating skills and wield a bow and arrow.

Pathfinder class – one of the most sought after classes in PvP. They are characterized by high speed and incredible skills in fighting with bows and arrows. Pathfinders are the class that boasts a lot of influence in the ranks of troops during mass battles. They are known for their crushing abilities. Below is a guide to this in-demand class.

This class can boast as the best class participating in massive PvP. Pathfinders are best used in sieges. In principle, hunters can also be used for the siege, but it is worth noting that a very important factor for the battle is stealth and the fact that the hero is difficult to get. But no less main task is high is high damage. It is these criteria that are well reunited in the pathfinder class. And yet it is better for the character to be at a distance. If he is caught up during a mass battle, then no matter how much armor the archer has, he will not fight off the enemies.

Pathfinder Outfit

Pathfinder classThe main weapon of the ranger is the bow. And a pair of daggers and swords, a shield can serve well as secondary ones.

It is worth immediately warning that in order to dress and equip a ranger with weapons, a lot of resources will be required, so you should be prepared in advance for the fact that you need to work and spend time and patience for this.

The main weapon of the ranger, as you might guess, is a bow. And a pair of daggers and swords can serve well as a secondary one, it is desirable that “dexterity” is the predominant characteristic in them. Also in the more distant stages of “Archeage” you can take the shield. It increases the level of protection. But for a ranger, mobility matters more than survivability. For an archer, the main task is to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy in a short period.

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Despite the fact that protection is not the main thing for a ranger, armor also plays a significant role. Here it is best to use leather, it has an average level of protection. Medium armor increases attack range, which is very important for this class. The main goal is a set of characteristics “dexterity”. And when the player reaches the fiftieth level, “stamina” will also be added to “dexterity”. It is upon reaching this level that it is worth using the “gambling avenger gloves”, they will help to inflict more damage with the “avenger’s gambling” attack. From that moment on, a cloak will be available, allowing you to move faster by 10%.

Jewelry is also important. Among it, it is worth buying rings that allow you to break through armor, as well as earrings that allow you to reduce damage from enemies. They also reduce the cooldown period of skills.

Pathfinder build

To create a ranger, you need three branches, which are called “resistance”, “defense” and “hypnosis”. From the very beginning, it is worth starting to use the “resistance” branch, it can be considered the most useful initially. Due to not very good equipment, some skills (for example, “teleportation”) can increase and give more than, for example, protection. Most of all, this build is suitable for protection during cargo transportation, for example.

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Pathfinder Skills

The pursuit:

  • Stun Shot – This is an ability that slows down the enemy. It becomes available almost from the very beginning.
  • Serrated Arrow – A skill that is considered a very important ability for this class. It deals quite a lot of damage to the enemy, as well as the effect of bleeding, due to which damage is inflicted on the enemy for a certain period. After Bloodlust, this ability can deliver the final and devastating blow.
  • falcon spirit – A skill that increases damage by 15% and lasts for half an hour.
  • Archer Stance – an ability that only works if the hero is in a standing position, and also increases damage. The skill is dispelled if the hero moves. In the case of PvP, the “archer stance” should be activated immediately. The skill will help to deal more damage than usual. With this ability, a “stun shot” can help.
  • Pursuit Mark – An ability that also increases damage to the enemy. The most effective is after the poison arrow skill.
  • Explosive Shot – a skill that deals very little damage, but disarms the enemy for three seconds, thus freeing up time for strikes from the ranger.
  • predator instinct – A skill that allows you to move faster.
  • Sniper – A passive ability that increases range and accuracy.
  • An eagle eye – Thanks to this passive skill, the chance of critical damage will increase by 3%, and the power of critical hits by 25%.
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  • Rebound – helps to dramatically and greatly increase the distance between the hero and the enemy.
  • Avenger’s Excitement – A skill that is considered one of the main ones. It takes a lot of energy, but it’s worth it. It can replace an auto attack.
  • Invisibility – An obvious ability that allows you to disappear and strike the enemy until he sees the hero.
  • Poison Arrow – An ability that deals damage and poisons the enemy.
  • Agility – A skill that allows you to dodge and increase the speed of movement.
  • Premonition – an ability that helps with “agility”, increasing the chance of evasion.


  • Energy Shield – a skill that restores the health of the hero. It is worth using it immediately if the player is confident in his victory. Leave to retreat if there are a lot of enemies.
  • Teleportation – allows you to teleport a distance from the enemy.
  • life force – a skill that increases the level of health for a while.
  • Iron will – an ability that removes almost all deafening effects.
  • Spell theft – A skill that puts the enemy to sleep, it can be used with the first ability.
  • triumph of will – a skill that restores hp.

Pathfinder gameplay


Pathfinder – A class that will suit players who like to play at a distance and focus on mobility. It is diverse in terms of abilities and is ready to provide the gamer with a really interesting game.


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