Team Grinding Gear Games held a stream, during which she introduced a new add-on for Path of Exile“Lake Kalandry” (Lake of Kalandra). In it, players will get to know Calandra and her hidden world, which holds deadly secrets.

We collected the main thing from the announcement:

  • With the release of the DLC, exiles will be able to find a mirror tablet into which they need to insert “reflections” – items similar to chips with effects. This opens the portals to the Challenge League of Kalandra. In them, players challenge hordes of monsters.

  • As you progress through the league, travelers will unlock abilities that will allow you to change the position of the chips on the plate. So you can achieve a more efficient distribution of them and pass the test more difficult.

Also announced the time and place of the festival ExileCon. Fans are invited to New Zealand to see all the presentations live, play Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile. They will also tell you when the closed beta testing of the second Path of Exile.

Water “Calandry Lakes” reveal their secrets on August 19 on PC and August 25 on Xbox and PlayStation.


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