Passage of Black Fire

The passage of the game Black Fire is quite an exciting activity in every sense. In addition to the pleasure that accompanies exciting shootouts between players, the game does not get tired of flooding you with bonuses and all kinds of goodies for every accurate hit on the enemy. You can go through Black Fire for your own pleasure or for the sake of pumping. Be that as it may, everyone wants to play effectively. It is efficiency that this article is devoted to.

So, let’s go in order. What do you need in order to quickly and efficiently level up in Black Fire?

At first, there is nothing to worry about – the quality is quite simple and smooth. If you have just started playing, then . Determine the modes that are easiest for you. The easiest to pass are Quarry, Jungle Ruins and Subway Station. Modes such as Assault Operation and Biochemical Crisis are very difficult to complete, so they are not considered as cards for pumping.

Most points can be earned in two modes – this is “Invasion” and “Global Invasion”. As for other modes, they are more expensive in terms of resurrection tokens, which, by the way, cost money. Yes, and they take more time, and time, as you know, is not rubber.

As soon as you provide yourself with good guns and equipment, switch to a hard game mode. Form a team of five, maximum eight people. Passing maps on hard modes is much more difficult than maps of the previous level. Players must have an idea of ​​the location of the enemy and ammo boxes, and of course they must be able to shoot, hide and dodge. Do not neglect flamethrowers or death machines – they speed up the passage. But remember that a man with a huge weapon in his hands is clumsy and constantly needs cover from his back.

If your priorities are not XP (Experience or the people of “Expa”), but silver bullets, then you should forget about tough conditions and cards for three people. In this case, you need to go through maps with maximum speed. If you have a question about how to make rooms for three people, then the answer is simple. Wait until there are three people in the room, and double-click on the slot in the room – bang, and the room will close. However, be aware that the limit on the minimum number of players on different maps is different, so do not think that you will be allowed three of you, for example, on the “Global Invasion”.

Well, the last important factor in the effective passage of Black Fire is daily tasks. Try to pass them all the time. This is an easy experience that brings you closer to the next level in small steps.

From a video on this topic, I recommend the advice of Vladislav Waylock (Black Fire walkthrough video).


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