Indie studio at0m was clearly inspired by Only Up and Getting Over It and released Steam a game “only for good gamers and for monitors with thick glass” – Hans. In it, on behalf of the watermelon Hans, we have to go through a series of obstacles and rise high into the sky without saving at all. All this is seasoned with well-developed physics, a sea of ​​references, the ability to customize your watermelon and even the Russian language.

According to the description on Steam, Hans will offer us:

  • Control your movements, because any of them can lead to a fall down;
  • Challenge detailed physics, where every roll or impact is evidence of momentum and mass;
  • Proceed with the utmost caution, because there is not a single save in the game;
  • Enjoy dynamic music that changes depending on our progress;
  • Customize your Hans using chests with skins that are scattered around the map;
  • And also compete with other players thanks to the in-game timer.



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