Tank in Panzar

This is my third Panzar guide. And it is dedicated to the character Tank – a big and strong orc, whose name speaks for itself, because the main vocation of this class is to protect the team, taking maximum damage.

The tank is a melee fighter. In addition to the usual shield that protects against physical damage, he has a magical shield against ranged attacks. The combination of these two abilities allows you to effectively control the players attacking you. Thanks to the magic shield, the Tank is able to provide protection not only for himself, but also for an entire small area. This is the most well-defended class in the game. With high survivability due to blocking incoming hits, the Tank will appeal to players who like direct encounters with a large number of enemies.

The power attacks of the Tanks are not as strong as those of the Berserkers, but they are swift, and it is very difficult to block from them. In close combat, the Tank uses one-handed bladed weapons: scimitars, billhooks, cleavers, as well as a shield. For ranged combat, it can use projectiles.

The basic characteristics of the Tank are:

  • Mastery (affects the strength of your attack – the amount of damage from all attacking abilities);
  • Health (determines how much damage a character can take before dying)
  • Mana (determines the total amount of mana spent on the use of the ability – a magic shield);
  • Energy (determines the character’s stamina spent on running and power hits of the character);
  • Block strength (determines the amount of blocked damage. When using the Onslaught ability, this parameter decreases);

New abilities (skills) of the character in Panzar are revealed in the Altar. For each level you will receive one talent point, thanks to which you will be able to unlock new abilities and increase their level.

“Magic Shield” – The main skill of the Tank. The magic shield allows you to block ranged attacks, medium and weak spells.

“Kern” – mainly used to finish off fleeing opponents, as well as throw them off hills. It is a throwing weapon that can strike an entire area. When exploding, the core deals damage in a small radius. It is important to remember that allies can also suffer in this case. With the right mouse button, you can aim, increasing the accuracy of the throw. Just don’t try to fight the elves with a core – they will kill you faster with their ranged attacks. Against ranged fighters, you should use the chain, shield strike and power attack ..

“Lock Master” – a skill that restores stamina when any damage hits the Tank’s block.

“Battle Rage” – temporarily increases the damage dealt by the Tank. The increase is as much as 50%. But this ability has a big drawback. When increasing the damage power, the block strength is reduced by 5% for each hit.

“Shield Bash” – One of the most commonly used abilities of the Tank. Shield Bash allows you to knock down any enemy. With a shield strike, the Tank stuns and knocks back enemies in melee. By knocking down opponents with a shield in the thick of the fight, you guarantee yourself an increase in experience points. Shield Bash is used to counter-attack when blocking power attacks with the shield. The shield is very handy and useful when fighting multiple characters at the same time. Especially effective is the use of a shield to interrupt the Resurrection Caste and the Circle of Invulnerability of the Paladin. To increase the effect of the shield, it is necessary to increase the Attack Speed ​​parameter.

“Chain” – This ability of the Tank in Panzar allows you to pull enemies towards him, mainly when they run away. The chain does not work against characters that are in a block. The effect of this ability is also blocked by a magic shield. The chain is also often used to pull enemies off a hill. The chain does not have a scope and pulls any target within range. It is convenient for her to act against groups of opponents, pulling magicians and paladins from their ranks. The chain is a good source of experience.

“Ram” – designed to knock down one or more targets. It is designed to control a group of opponents. The tank rushes forward, stunning and scattering enemies in its path. The effect of the battering ram can be blocked by block and some abilities of other classes, such as Minesweeper’s hammer, Inquisitor’s sand, Sister of Fire’s firewave, Berserker’s kick, etc.

“Invulnerability” – allows the Tank to be immortal for the duration of the ability. Also, during the action, no immobilizing spells affect him. Invincibility absorbs other spells, except for Cannoneer’s gravity mines, Inquisitor’s shackles, and Tank’s chain.

“Shield Master” – Increases the movement speed of the Tank while in a block.

“Reward for Killing” – Gives 5 class points for killing each enemy.


In the end, we list the advantages of this class.

  • The basis of defense in a team game;
  • Has a large number of lives;
  • Large attack blocking angle, allowing you to defend against several opponents at once;
  • The most durable block of all classes;
  • Average melee damage;
  • Average attack speed;

Now briefly about how to play tank in panzar.

  • The main advantage of the Tank is an impenetrable block, which should be used as often as possible.
  • To play effectively with this character, you need to move around, flank players and constantly block. Blocking blows and working with a sword are the basis of the game mechanics of this class.
  • Remember that the main task of this orc is to protect the team, not just himself. A tank is a team player who is required to protect support classes from enemy attacks.
  • Use as many power attacks as possible, accumulating energy on them in a block.
  • This character is perfect in close combat, so feel free to force close combat on opponents by pulling them with a chain.
  • Tanks are ideal for capturing and holding a point, for which experience is awarded to him. Standing on the point, it is convenient for him to protect himself and the team with the help of a magic shield.

So, when should you choose a Tank in Panzar?

Firstly, it will suit players who love team fight, because. able to protect not only himself, but also the player’s team.

Secondly, due to their ability to withstand several opponents at once, they are able to survive in the most severe conditions. Increased survivability makes them a very convenient class for newcomers to the Panzar game. I think that it is better to start pumping the Tank in the first place.

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