Minesweeper in Panzar

I continue a series of guides on the game Panzar, which will be very useful for beginners. This time I decided to create a Minesweeper guide. which in Panzar performs the function of support, i.e. protection and strengthening of allies. This is the role he should play throughout the game.

Minesweeper is a small and nimble dwarf armed with a hammer that can deliver both very strong power attacks and simple weak blows. And at higher levels, he can use small arms – an arquebus, which turns him into a good ranged fighter.

The most interesting feature of Minesweeper, for which players choose him, is the ability to craft all kinds of combat mechanisms right on the battlefield. But not only this is interesting for Minesweeper. He also has a solid block, a decent amount of hit points, and good melee damage. As they say, small and bold.

Many say that you can make a good DD out of it (a character class whose main specialization is to deal damage). But it must be emphasized that His main task is to rush around and around and arrange all sorts of dirty tricks for enemies in the form of all kinds of mines, totems, traps. In general, Minesweeper is not a DD, but a support class, which, I hope, this guide will convince you of.


Now let’s move on to the talents (skills) with which this character will play the role of support.

“Totem” – is the main source of experience and class points for the Minesweeper in Panzar. The totem absorbs some of the enemy’s attacks, giving your allies an advantage. You can spend class points on various buildings that require these class points, and not mana. The totem should be placed closer to the thick of the battle. The more your allies kill adversaries, the more class points and experience you get. For setting a character’s stamina, you also get class points. For example, setting Berserker to 100 stamina gives you 10 class points. And the more you install, the more you get. Accordingly, if one of your comrades-in-arms killed an enemy, you get part of the experience for this kill.

“Teleport” – is one of the main sources of delivery of all characters to a certain point on the map.

“Possession of the Arquebus” – allows the Minesweeper to fire the arquebus. Without this ability, you won’t even be able to get it. A special mode of shooting from an arquebus is buckshot, which inflicts especially heavy damage on the enemy. The main disadvantage of the arquebus is that it takes time to aim, but the shooting accuracy is high and the damage to the enemy is very sensitive. The arquebus is especially effective against non-combat classes that avoid direct confrontations, such as the Paladin.

“Trap” helps in several situations. Traps can be placed somewhere near teleports or totems. When you run away from some enemy, you can throw traps behind you. Having received heavy damage, the enemy, most likely, will immediately lag behind you. Upgrade the trap to the sixth level.

“Wielding the Hammer” – This talent allows you to wield the most basic weapons of the dwarves. Along with the teleport is given immediately. But for effective use, it must be pumped. The hammer is very useful against weakly protected opponents. For example, knocking out the Witch with one decent backstab is not a problem.

“Block” – it is recommended to pump up to level 5-6. The barrier is used to protect buildings erected by dwarves, teleporters and totems.

“Mine” – one of the main damaging (damaging) talents of Minesweeper in Panzar. Like a trap, it has a fairly long lifespan, but it breaks with one blow. You need to put it in some closed place so that as few enemies as possible can see it. When an enemy collides with a mine, it rises into the air and explodes, dealing damage to all enemies in the area, knocking them back a short distance. Mines are most effective against magicians.

“Mastery” – adds the number of lives, as well as increases the strength of buildings, adds a percentage of damage to the arquebus and hammer. Increases the chance of crafting items.

“Blacksmith craft” – allows you to craft things with a high chance. It is worth taking this skill at the tenth level.

“Blind Grenade” – a rather funny thing that blinds enemies for seven seconds. You and your allies become invisible to them, while you can see everything and can strike. And if you put a mine under someone’s feet, it will be generally gorgeous 🙂

“Steam Hammer” – Another lethal unit from Minesweeper, allowing you to protect yourself and your team from the magic of Paladins and Elfiek. The range of the Steam Hammer is 10 meters, which is quite good, but the durability is small. To improve the work of the Steam Hammer, it is necessary to study the Barrier.

“Tank” – an excellent unit that allows Minesweeper to bomb enemy fortifications and defend the point.


Minesweeper is useful for the team, first of all, with two skills – Teleport and Totem. The first is necessary for the speedy transfer of the team from the place of revival to the required zone, which generally increases the efficiency of the squad. Look at the situation, what and when to put. At the same time, do not forget that the Teleport and Totem should be placed in the most inconspicuous places where enemies cannot immediately detect them, because it is very easy to destroy them. The main thing when installing these devices is to run fast and generally actively fuss in order to manage to build everything you need in the shortest possible time.

Of course, the Minesweeper should take care not only about the team members, but also about himself, remember to replenish mana, without which you cannot craft anything, and hit points, without which you will not last long in the game. Use health banks.

Sample videos from Minesweeper Panzar

At the Dwarf Quarry

20 lvl in Cannibal Fortress

Minesweeper, Trailer

21 lvl in the Citadel of the Alchemists

lvl 21 on the siege of the swamp fort

Good luck to everyone, and until new articles on MMOGlobus!


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