Inquisitor in Panzar

Inquisitor (popularly Ink) in the popular Russian online game Panzar is the most sought-after class. Therefore, I decided to dedicate my first guide to Panzar to him.

Each character in Panzar has an individual set of skills or talents (skills), which are either given immediately by default, or they must be turned on. Each skill can and should be pumped. At the same time, it is desirable to pump some skills in priority order. Each class has its own order. I talked about how to play the Inquisitor in other articles on this site. Here I will touch on the skills (skills) of the Inca ..

The main base skill of the Inquisitor, for which he is chosen by so many players, is “Invisibility”. It can be activated on the run, and none of the enemies will see you, except when using the totem of a friendly sapper. In this case, you will be hardly noticeable, but still visible to enemies.

The Inquisitor’s invisibility is revealed by any action you take, be it a hit, a block, or the use of any skill. So while invisible you can’t hit – only walk, run and jump, otherwise you reveal your invisibility. The main thing, after you have been discovered, is to have time to escape, which is far from always possible.

Another interesting skill of the Inca is called “Sand” – it is “Dust in the Eyes” – used to interrupt spells. Sand can stop, for example, the Berserker’s spinner, the Tank’s ram, the Ice Witch’s freezing. It is also possible to remove the magic shield from the Tank when he is holding it, but in this case, the sand must be thrown from behind.

“Bow Mastery” allows the Inquisitor to use a bow. In fact, this is the second weapon of the Inquisitor. The bow deals very low damage, which is why it is often criticized by players. But if the bow is pumped, then it will be a very worthy addition to the swords.

“Reward for Killing” – A skill that adds 5 class points to the Inquisitor with each kill. This is very important for the Inquisitor, because class points are needed to use other skills in the future, and because according to statistics, the Inquisitor kills the most players, so he can take this bonus more often than others.

“Wolf Instinct” – a very important skill for the Inquisitor. It has 4 levels, 2 of which can be learned up to level 10. Why is this skill so important? Because it shows which player has how many lives left. When a player is at half life, it turns pinkish. When he is close to death, he turns red. What this gives is not difficult to guess. Thanks to the Wolf instinct, you can isolate the weakest opponents and kill them with 1-2 hits. In addition, at subsequent levels, Wolf Instinct gives you life, and then also energy, which is spent on running and strong blows, which will allow you to hit power attacks almost without interruption. Thanks to this skill, the Inquisitor becomes a self-sufficient character, who almost does not need the help of either a healer or a sapper.

“Backstab” – Another important skill, Required to learn up to level 10. Why is it needed at all? Yes, due to the fact that Ink by nature has a weak frontal attack, and thanks to the “Stab in the Back” skill, he strikes so that it will not seem to anyone. Judge for yourself, a backstab from the Inquisitor is initially stronger than hits to the block by as much as 150%. And this skill gives him the same amount. The resulting attack power can surpass even Berserker strikes.

“Blacksmith craft” – a skill that allows you to create items (craft). The base chance of successful crafting in Panzar is 70%. The first level of Blacksmithing adds 10% to this. The second level plus 20%. Well, the third level gives one hundred percent crafting efficiency. That is, the probability of a thing breaking when creating it becomes zero, which is very important when you create any expensive thing.

“Righteous anger” – this is the most mega cool skill of the Inquisitor! It stays on for a certain amount of time. At the first level, it gives +20% attack speed, which allows you to deal more damage per unit of time. This skill also affects other skills. For example, Sand, thanks to Righteous Anger, turns out to be thrown faster.

“Plague” – Another pretty good skill in Panzar. Infects all living things within a radius of four meters. Moreover, infected enemies infect other enemies even after death. The plague deals minor damage over 10 seconds. But under its action, the entire enemy squad can fall at once.

“Fetter” – a rather expensive skill that allows you to shackle enemies, depriving them of the ability to resist for a short time.

“Righteous anger” – This skill is especially effective in conjunction with Chains. Allows you to throw fire at the enemy. The damage dealt is small. But if the enemy stands on fire for a long time, much more lives are reduced from him. Any character that will stand on fire for 7-10 seconds without the help of a healer and bottles of health will simply die. The Fire-Shackle link works like this – first you throw a shackle that lasts 6 seconds, then you immediately throw fire. After five seconds of standing on fire, many opponents do not survive.

Examples from Inquisitor videos

Panzar: Inquisitor lvl 30

Inca game

Panzar: Ink lvl 30

Incom game – 16 lvl

Gameplay: Forged by Chaos – Inkvizitor 30 lvl

Next in the Inquisitor guide, I would like to briefly mention the normal skills that add health, proficiency, etc. These talents are not as interesting as the previous ones, but they are also important. After all, thanks to the growth of skill, your blows become stronger. And the increase in health increases your survivability, which is especially important for Ink, who naturally has low health. The leveling of the Inquisitor must necessarily include the following common skills:

“Martial arts” (learns from the second level).
“Faith” – (learns from level 10).
“Blessing” – (learns from level 20).

That’s all with the Inquisitor guide. Read other Panzar guides on MMOGlobus!


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