Berserk in Panzar

I decided to dedicate the second guide to the game Panzar to the Berserker (popularly – Bers) – a very powerful orc, whose calling is to inflict maximum damage on enemy regiments.

Let’s start with the fact that Berserker is one of the few truly self-sufficient characters who can do a lot of trouble to the enemy almost alone. Bears has the most powerful power attack in the game. Even when it hits a block, it deals a lot of damage. When playing Berserker, it is very important to understand at what distance and from whom to keep, because. a lot of things in Panzar depend on the mechanics of the game. Among other things, Bers is also the fastest running and highest jumping class!

Often players get confused, not knowing who is better to choose in Panzar – Tank or Bersa. Whom to play better and more profitable? In fact, everything is simple. Choose Berserker – if you are a fairly experienced player and want to deal maximum damage to any enemy. The tank is ideal for beginners, because. has a better defense, which allows you to endure a lot of blows. In general, a Tank or a Berserker does not really matter. The main thing is that the player’s hands grow from where they should 🙂

I wrote about leveling Bers in Panzar in other articles on this site. Here I will list the skills (skills) that Berserker possesses and which need to be downloaded. At the same time, the most important skills should be downloaded first. The importance of the skill is up to you, based on your play style.

“Rabies” – This skill increases the Berserker’s attack speed. When this ability is activated, you can make a successful counterattack.

“Finishing Blow” – This is a skill that allows you to overturn and finish off the enemy, causing him enormous damage.

“Kern” – a skill that allows you to use a kern (throwing weapon of orcs), which allows you to shoot at fleeing opponents and knock them down from hills.

“Sneaky Punch” – Berserker makes a very fast kick to the enemy, after which he steals his stamina. Sneaky Strike also allows you to bring down any ability.

“Combat Jump” allows you to get to hard-to-reach places, which is especially important in some relief areas. Plus gives a 50% increase to the chance of a critical hit.

“Jerk” – allows you to develop a very high speed. In addition, during the use of this skill, he becomes almost completely invisible.

“Destructive Blow” – allows you to hit the enemy through the block, causing moderate damage.

“Whirlwind of War” – allows the Berserker to spin very quickly, swinging his club, which causes huge damage to all enemies caught in a hot hand.

“Rage” – This is a buff, after which Bers will receive an increase for each kill. When using Rage, for example, the chance of a critical hit, regeneration of stamina and attack speed are increased. However, with each kill, the Berserker loses a fairly decent amount of life.

“Reward for Killing” – Gives 5 class points for each kill.

Video examples Berserk

Berserk – 30 lvl with comments

Level 30 at Sandstorm Temple

30 lvl in the arena of the lords of war

Burse’s adventures in shorts

30 lvl at the Gnome Quarry

Finally, just like the rest of the classes, Bers has three passive abilities that bring him additional mastery and life.

This completes the Bers guide. For those who want to learn more about how to play Berserker and other classes, I have compiled a selection of the best, in my opinion, video guides for the game Panzar. Look at your health and read other articles about the game Panzar on this site. Good luck in the game!


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