Video game icon, great and terrible
Pac man, will receive its first full-length film adaptation more than 40 years after the release of the original. The production of the film based on the franchise was reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the publication, the copyright holder
Bandai Namco Entertainment
agreed on production with Wayfarer Studios. The studio’s portfolio includes a full-length drama “One meter apart” and a Disney+ exclusive “Clouds“.

The author of the idea was Chuck Williams
(Chuck Williams) – Founder
Lightbeam Entertainmentbest known for “Sonic at the Movies”. Prior to that, he worked for 21 years in Disney
as a screenwriter, editor and producer on cartoons “The beauty and the Beast“,”The Lion King“,”Aladdinand other paintings.

On the company’s website Williams
it is said that she intends to work on adaptations of world famous titles in the form of films and cartoons. It is reported that there are already similar agreements with SEGA, Konami and Toei Animationin charge of anime
Devilman (1972–1973) dragon ball and one piece.

For Pac-Man, this will not be the first appearance on the screens. Two years after the release of the original game, a children’s animated series appeared, which was produced by the authors “Tom and Jerry“. In 2013, a 3D multi-episode adaptation aired on Disney XD.
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. The audience of cinemas for the first time saw a cameo of a huge yellow ball in the film “Pixels» in 2015.

In May for the legendary Pac man
even recorded a new theme song in honor of the 42nd anniversary. The action was timed to coincide with the release of a collection of games from the cult series.


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