John Spector (Jon Spector) – Commercial Executive and Franchise Vice President Overwatchand former head of the Overwatch League. The other day he announcedthat leaves Blizzard.

After six amazing years, I decided to hang up my sword and walk away from Blizzard in late March. Work on Overwatch was the culmination of my career Team 4 every day filled the franchise with great talent and love.

Thanks to everyone in Blizzardwho made this chapter of my career so incredible and thanks to the community Overwatch! I will continue to respond with memes on Twitter and post the best moments with the DPS version of Moira.

IN Overwatch there will be so many exciting things that I can’t wait to see as a player. I’ve worked closely with the rest of the executives so I know the franchise is in good hands. Aaron Keller (Aaron Keller) Jared Noyce (Jared Neuss) and the rest of the team.

How Spector will do further – is unknown.


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