Guide to the Righteous Paladin in Neverwinter Online

There is no such thing as an uninteresting or unnecessary class in Neverwinter Online. Everything is very balanced, there are neither the strongest nor the weakest classes. There is, perhaps, the correct and incorrect use of one or another type of character. And, of course, some classes are more difficult to master than others. Although for a righteous paladin there is no such thing as difficulty in mastering. On the contrary, this particular class is recommended for beginners. He is capable of both healing and tanking, and even deals damage, albeit very little.

As you might have guessed, this class wears heavy plate armor. In combination with a sword and shield, you get a classic tank, which only a guard warrior can compete with in terms of protection. And the ability to self-heal makes it just incredibly tenacious. One of the main features of the class is the presence of auras. They act in a certain radius around the character, strengthening allies or weakening enemies. But enough general phrases, let’s analyze all the features of the class separately.

Who is a paladin?

righteous paladin review, oathsThe Righteous Paladin has two oaths: Protection (tank) and Service (healing)

Paladins are the protectors of the light, the personification of good and so on in the same vein. What does it mean that his main specialization is protection, in one form or another? Translated into MMO language, he is a tank or a healer. He has two paths, two oaths:

Oath of Protection is the basis of a tank build. It increased damage resistance by 10 percent, and in addition, the amount of generated hatred (that is, aggro) is increased by 500%.

The second oath, the oath of service, is for the healer. It’s simple – all healing from the paladin is increased by 100% (that is, twice), in addition, each healed ally receives an increase of + 5% to all their characteristics, though not for long.

Paladins have their own type of energy – divine call. It accumulates both by itself, simply recovering over time, and in those moments when our hero uses his combat abilities. You can accumulate up to three summoning charges in total. Moreover, you can use them without activating any of the oaths – but in the oath mode, the Divine call works much more powerfully. In normal mode, it heals all allies a little in a certain radius, and in addition, it provokes all enemies to attack. While in Oath of Service, all subsequent healings are increased by 50% for 10 seconds. Well, the paladin of Protection receives, also for 10 seconds, + 10% damage resistance, and + 5% damage reflection on the opponents themselves. As you can see, the bonuses are quite good, and you need to use them wisely. But let’s take a closer look at the two main builds that are used when playing this class.

Healer or Tank?

righteous paladin oath of protection tankRighteous Paladin – Tank

So, first we will look at the tank build. The Oath of Protection must work for you all the time, this is a must. On groups of opponents, you constantly use the already mentioned Divine call. Another ability that forces opponents to attack you is Binding Oath. Enemies attack you for 2 seconds without dealing damage. But be careful – after 2 seconds you will take half the damage taken, so it is important that you have enough health left. The second half of the damage will be distributed among all the enemies standing next to you. In the event that you urgently need to cover an ally, use Absolution. This is a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage before being destroyed. You can protect yourself and one of your allies at the same time. One of the best options is to always cover your heal.

Of the daily abilities for the tank, Shield of Faith and Divine Protector will be especially useful for covering allies, and Heroism for increasing their own survivability. It also makes sense to develop all AoE abilities, as for a Guardian Paladin, they either give a very large increase in hatred, or force all enemies hit to attack him. And don’t forget about auras, in particular, the Aura of Protection, which reduces all damage taken by allies, and the Aura of Truth, which reduces damage dealt by enemies.

righteous paladin neverwinter online heal, oath of servicePaladin – Heal not only deals damage to enemies, but also heals allies

Now let’s move on to the healer paladin. In his case, the Divine Call is needed to quickly heal the entire group. Also, don’t forget to use Bonds of Valor, which increases all incoming healing by 20%. If you need to heal a particular ally, use Heal Wounds. For increased healing and additional protection, use Absorb, which reduces incoming damage against your ally and increases all incoming healing. It is best to cover the tank in this way. To remove any CC effects, use Cleansing Touch – which also works for a tank paladin, by the way. It can be used both on yourself and on allies. In an emergency, use Lay on Hands from your daily abilities – it restores 100% of the target’s health. Also useful is the daily ability Healing Spring, which affects all your allies.

If possible, do not hesitate to use your attacking abilities. For a paladin of service, they not only deal damage to enemies, but also heal or buff allies, such as Searing Light or Slay Evil. Of the auras, the most useful for you will be the Revival Aura, which increases all healing from spells, and the Divine Aura, which constantly restores the health of all allies within the radius of action. To quickly resurrect allies, use the Aura of Life.

How to upgrade Righteous Paladin

leveling righteous paladin in neverwinter onlineRaising a Righteous Paladin in Neverwinter Online

A paladin in a tank build can swing fast enough in solo.

The tactic is to gather a crowd of opponents around you, and destroy it with area attacks.

Self-healing and powerful defense will be very useful in this case.

You can, of course, use this tactic for a paladin who specializes in healing – but it deals slightly less damage.

In any case, the paladin is easy to level in a group, since both tanks and heals are always very necessary for passing dungeons.

Tip for tanks – the paladin is quite capable of soloing some dungeons. Gain experience and try – then pumping will not take you much time.

Good luck in the game, and don’t forget that the described builds are only the basis for creating your own character!

Video: Righteous Paladin PvP build

Video: Righteous Paladin PvE build


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