Despite the huge number of online and single-player projects of various types and colors, the browser games market also has a lot of fans. Conquering their hearts is not only Korean action-rpg or sports simulators, but even urban strategies. And one of them is Damoria.

Game Description

Damoria is a simulation of building your own castle in the Middle Ages from the developer Bigpoint, known for dozens of browser games. The age of the project captivates – it was published back in 2008 and still continues to exist. What did she do to deserve such a long life?


Immediately it is worth noting the setting of the Middle Ages. Not the fantasy Middle Ages with their dragons, magic and other paraphernalia, but the real Middle Ages. Such projects, even for game consoles, can be counted on the fingers, to say nothing of browsers. Only Kingdom’s Come, which has already died down, comes to mind. Damoria touches upon an interesting period of the emergence and development of scientific knowledge in society and opposition to the church.

Graphics for modern realities are rustic and angular. But this can be attributed to the respected age of the game. Another thing is interesting. There is no single game screen where you can view the amount of resources and armies, while watching the training of recruits in the barracks. Each aspect has its own screen. Map of the area of ​​the castle – separately. A schematic world map with the designation of the conquered and theoretically conquered – separately. Quantity and types of resources – separately. The number of troops is also separate. This makes Damoria qualitatively different from its modern competitors, and it will definitely appeal to players who miss serious city-building strategies.


The plot of the game is simple. He is not. It is necessary to develop your castle by building, conquering territory. Of particular interest are the robberies of neighbors. Since Damoria is a multiplayer game, real players constantly get in the way. They are also prone to dominance, so you need to constantly evolve in order not to be eaten. Especially great dynamics of the game is provided by a powerful player in the neighborhood, who, if he has not yet raided, will definitely do it. There is an incentive to grow faster than him and get moral satisfaction from the war with him.

To be no worse than your neighbors, you need to create and improve the army. Quantity plays a big role, because the chance of winning depends on it. The battles here are automatic and usually the one with the most army wins. But it’s not just the quantity that matters. An important role is also played by the quality of the troops, which are divided according to their standard functions: rams, defenders, mobile troops, archers, catapults, and so on. The arsenal depends on the studied science and the general development of military affairs.

But maintaining a large army requires a lot of resources. The game offers several ways to get them. Firstly, it is possible to build mines, farms, stables and other necessary buildings on the territory of the fortress. Secondly, you can capture the necessary mines on the global map. Thirdly, you can extract resources by raiding neighbors. And fourthly, you can simply go to the market and make an exchange or sale with other players.


Pumping the main character also has its own characteristics. This game is famous for the fact that the character is developed by the actions of the player. Does he like to fight? Then an unsophisticated war will receive. Likes to trade? Receive bonuses to trade. Is he behaving like a Scandinavian Loki? Then let him be afraid of reciprocal knives in the back. And many, many other leveling builds. Of course, now you will not surprise anyone with the moral transformation of the protagonist during the game, but, for a moment, this is a browser project of 2008 release.

But not only wars are united. It is also necessary to develop trade with other castles (players), for which there is even a marketplace, where one can put up a certain resource, and the other can buy it. And you can even sign a trade agreement. In this game, it is not necessary to fight – you can become a successful and famous merchant and conclude a dozen or two non-aggression pacts and protect the borders of your state for a nominal fee of resources. The relationship system in Damoria is very well developed. You can join a guild and develop its trade relations. You can start a war with your guild with another. You can negotiate with friends about a joint war. You can pay off a malicious enemy with money and resources. In general, here the game world is created by the players themselves.

Damoria – video review

What is the result

Damoria, despite its ancient age, continues to be afloat thanks to both its fans and newcomers. It is natural – for a browser game, this project offers quite a lot of cool mechanics and features. And the need to be constantly among the first only adds to the dynamics, which, at times, is lacking in other strategies.


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