Mechanical gaming keyboards and mice with high-resolution sensors are, of course, very good peripherals, but all this pleasure costs quite a lot of money. And what about those who do not want to give a lot of money, do not want to deal with wires and prefer membrane keyboards? For example, games for such a user are not a priority while being in front of a computer, or they are simply not interested in competitive disciplines, where mechanics and a gaming mouse would be useful.

This is where ready-made keyboard and mouse kits enter the scene, the main advantage of which is ease of use. A little later I will explain what it is, but for now let’s take a look at the object of today’s review in the face Acer OCC200. I’ll start, by the way, right away with the price. For a set of keyboard and mouse, you will be asked from 3200 to 3700 rubles, depending on the store.

Acer OCC200 is sold in several variants with different colors. I have everything on hand, and therefore in the photo in the album below you can see their diversity.

The keyboard, mouse, batteries for them and all the necessary waste paper are placed in one box. And yes, both devices are wireless and powered by batteries, which allows them to “live” for quite a long time without the need for recharging.

The keyboard is membrane, full-sized and completely made of plastic that is pleasant to the touch. At the same time, the assembly of the device is very high quality, nothing creaks or backlash anywhere, and the rigidity of the design is not bad. It is important here that the keyboard does not “walk” when typing, which does not happen, and therefore I have no questions about the design.

Overview of the Acer OCC200 keyboard and mouse kit

As for the user experience, this entire review (like any other keyboard review) was written on the device being reviewed – namely, using the Acer OCC200 set. As mentioned above, the assembly is good and the case is rigid enough not to flex when printing. The keys themselves, each of which, as stated, is designed for 5 million keystrokes, have literally a laptop stroke, but they lack the clarity of pressing. I don’t blame whoever likes it, but for my taste, the keys are too soft, which is unusual after, say, a membrane keyboard on “scissors”. That being said, of course, keep in mind that good scissor keyboards usually cost more than the entire OCC200 kit.

Overview of the Acer OCC200 keyboard and mouse kit

There is nothing to adjust the tilt angle of the keyboard, but I can’t say that the basic tilt from the shape of the case is not enough for me. In any case, it’s a matter of taste and habit. Below the keyboard you can find only four rubber feet so that it does not slide on the table. With a weight close to half a kilogram, the keyboard really does not slip when typing, I have no questions.

As for the mouse (which, by the way, is also sold separately under the name OMR 200), there are more color options. I will clarify that in the kits the keyboard and mouse use the same color scheme, but other options can be purchased separately. All color options for mice in the photos are in front of you.

The mouse uses an optical sensor with a resolution of 1200dpi and is powered by a single little finger battery. The dimensions of the device at 113x60x31.7 millimeters will suit the owners of small or medium hands well, but for “pianists” like me it will be convenient only when using a claw grip. However, when used outside of games, it is not particularly important.

Overview of the Acer OCC200 keyboard and mouse kit

The body of the mouse is also plastic, but the entire upper part received a soft touch coating, which is undoubtedly nice. I can’t say anything about the durability of this, but nothing happened to him in two weeks of use.

The ease of use of the mouse is also added by a small mass of 61 grams, as well as perfectly sliding legs from the bottom. It is worth mentioning the number of mouse buttons – there are only three of them, but for basic user work, there is no need for more. It should also be taken into account that the microphones under the main mouse buttons are relatively tight and quite loud. Some people like it, and some don’t.

As for the personal experience of using the mouse, even though it is small for me, I have no particular complaints. The glide is good, the device is assembled with dignity, the sensor is acceptable and does not spoil the impression. For fast shooters, of course, it doesn’t fit the word at all, but for casual gaming and everyday work it’s more than worthy.

Overview of the Acer OCC200 keyboard and mouse kit

Speaking of games. Although it is rather strange to talk about this in a review of obviously non-gaming devices, I still want to mention delays. Both the mouse and keyboard connect to the PC with a single USB dongle, to which they communicate via a 2.4GHz signal rather than Bluetooth. The main plus is virtually zero latency. The main disadvantage is that without a whistle they cannot be connected to anything.

What do we end up with? Keyboard and mouse set Acer OCC200 quite successfully copes with its tasks of providing a pleasant user experience. At the same time, various color options allow you to choose what the user likes more. The devices are well built and work well, and their battery power promises a very solid life without the need to think about charging. The only downside in this case is that it is simply impossible to check the battery level and the end of their service life can come as a surprise to the user at the most unexpected moment. If you’re after a budget keyboard and mouse set with solid build quality and components, the Acer OCC200 is definitely worth a look, but as always, the final decision is up to you.

Overview of the Acer OCC200 keyboard and mouse kit

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