InfiPlay, known for its browser brainchild Demon Slayer, gives everyone the opportunity to plunge into the fantasy world of MMORPG Bloody Pirate 2, which is based on the popular anime One Piece. Here you will find a sea of ​​​​adventure, a faithful team of colorful heroes and exciting battles with other players. The project itself is free, all you need is registration on the publisher’s website and a browser that supports Adobe Flash – the interface and dialogs were translated by the localizer, which is also very nice.


The adventure begins with the choice of one of the four classes: the shooter is a master of long-range combat, uses a sniper rifle, is effective against single targets, but has weak defense, so you should not leave him unattended in especially hot battles; the summoner is an adept of magic, summons his servants to defeat the enemy, is able to see the weaknesses of enemies and strengthen the attacks of allies; swordsman – suitable for those who appreciate the elegance of cutting enemies with a sword, such a hero is skilled in using melee weapons, has a good defense indicator, the impact area allows you to hit several opponents; healer is a typical support class whose healing skills allow you to heal allies and get out of difficult situations, however, by no means defenseless and capable of poisoning enemies.


Before you get thrown into the maelstrom of exciting events, you will be offered a simple tutorial that describes the basics of the gameplay and the first story mission that leads to a pirate ship. Separately, it is worth mentioning the variety of ships, the ship here is not one, but a whole lot, everyone can find the right one for themselves. Access to new ones opens after progression in levels. Completing interesting tasks allows you to develop heroes, and for completing some you can get new useful assistants. Hiring heroes is carried out in taverns, and especially rare ones have a chance to get in the soul store. In the in-game store, you can purchase various bonuses for diamonds.

Pirates that plow the seas in search of treasures are waiting for mountains of booty. Pirate craft here should not be neglected by anyone, because the strength of the group is affected not only by the level, but also by the equipment. It can be upgraded with gold, inlay, smelting, enchanting, and forging. To obtain especially rare items and materials, you may need the help of your comrades. If suddenly someone is worried about where to store all the loot, then he will be especially pleased with the opportunity to build his own base.

Bloody Pirate 2

Combat system

The combat system is quite simple, which allows even a beginner to quickly get used to it. The battle takes place in turn-based mode, allowing you to think over the tactics of action. At the very beginning, you need to arrange the heroes. After choosing a target and a skill, the character will attack the enemy himself. Each member of the group has their own unique set of abilities and talents, which makes the battles even more interesting. As a result of the collision, a rating is assigned in the form of a certain number of stars, books of experience and coins are issued, which means that more effective destruction of opponents will bring more benefits.

PVP battles

Those who have reached the twentieth level have the opportunity to take part in exciting PvP battles. Access to them opens gradually. Level 50 allows you to take part in the following PvP modes:

  • war – the first of the available modes, a characteristic feature is the RC, for participation the team is registered by the leader;
  • arena — battle zone, participants receive the desired reward according to the rating, which is compiled every day;
  • selection – here the group can be formed from free sailors, the recruitment of participants takes place according to similar characteristics;
  • boarding — participants are distributed between the pirate camp and the Marines; carnage – for the strongest PvP fighters;
  • ladder – the reward is determined by the place in the ranking, it is here that you can get souls – the currency for the soul store, which is not unimportant;
  • meat grinder – dead soldiers are eliminated from the battle.

A large number of different PvP modes provides the game with an incomparable competitive spirit, which is not possible for every project.

Bloody Pirate 2

PVE battles

Bloody Pirate 2 is capable of entertaining PvE fans as well, providing many different modes. At the beginning, story battles are available, allowing you to hone your tactical skills. Over time, an amazing variety of adventures opens up: expeditions, raids, towers – this and much more will not let the player get bored. Each of them will be a test for the heroes, but the reward is worth it.


Bloody Pirate 2 is suitable for anyone looking for a classic browser-based RPG, including beginners. The stylized graphics in the game are very beautiful and are designed to completely immerse the player in the world of One Piece. Bright colorful effects, beautiful backgrounds, detailed models set the project apart from other browser games.

She captivates with many interesting tasks, the presence of a huge number of items, which, combined with unique skills and talents, makes it possible to create many builds for any situation. The PvP system supports the very excitement of rivalry, which many large projects have recently forgotten about.

Bloody Pirate 2

Here you can meet famous heroes familiar from anime and manga One Piece, and take them to your team, they do not play the role of extras, but play an important role in key events. Fans will definitely enjoy it, and those who are unfamiliar may be inspired by the interest in the popular franchise.

Although there are still some rough edges here, the developers are constantly monitoring the game, fixing bugs and introducing new content. The project is definitely aimed at the long term and is moving in the right direction.

If you are interested in Bloody Pirate 2, then gather a team and go towards adventures and countless treasures!

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