Overlord: King of Yggdrasil is a mobile game in the anime RPG genre with 3D images and turn-based battles, before which you need to assemble a team of rare fighters. The developers can be praised for the beautiful picture and a large number of cut scenes.

Another interesting thing is that the game has added the ability to flirt with female characters. It looks pretty spicy, everything is animated and voiced for complete immersion.

The developers can also be praised for their voluminous and cinematic locations. For example, one of the characters walks from the throne towards the quest. The camera moves away a little, the perspective changes and in front of us is no longer the Chinese mobile game Overlord: King of Yggdrasil, but a mini Death Stranding.

During dialogues, characters not only twirl their arms and scream, but also change their faces. It feels like you are watching an anime.

Overlord: King of Yggdrasil received a high rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on the Chinese App Store. She also took first place in the tops TapTapfrom where you can download the Android version.

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