It seems, capcom did it again – released a solid remake of a classic beloved by many. This impression is formed from one glance at the estimates Resident Evil 4 Remake. At the time of writing the news, the game has 93 points on Metacritic and OpenCritic.

The updated “four” received the highest ratings from many publications: IGN, VGC, The Gamer, GameSpot and others. The game is praised for improved controls and shooting, prettier visuals, reworked boss fights, and Ashley’s behavior. “You won’t want to leave it at the trash can again” – writes the author of GameSpot.

It is noted that the remake practically does not deviate from the formula proposed in 2005, and respects the original. Everything you remember in Resident Evil 4, migrated to the updated version. Most of the content has been expanded and refined.

However, the remake doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the original. For example, in the middle of the game, some of the key events were swapped, but this does not harm the narrative. Some journalists did not like the wear system of knives, because of which they break very quickly.

We selected conclusions from three reviews – with high, medium and low ratings within the framework of published reviews.

Resident Evil 4 is a meticulous restoration of a game that is still one of the most addictive action games ever made. It brings together the essential elements that make the original a masterpiece, reminding us that sometimes the secret behind these big re-releases is knowing exactly which aspects to redo and which to “remaster.”

Andy Robinson (Andy Robinson)

Resident Evil 4 became the ultimate test of skill capcom in the realm of remakes, and unfortunately they buckled a bit due to the pressure. The game suffers from minor mechanical issues, and doesn’t reinvent or improve upon the source material as boldly as some had hoped. Nevertheless capcom broke nothing – it’s still a fun, inventive and addictive game that has been amazingly brought up to modern technical standards. Fans of the series should go through a new Resident Evil 4just moderate the ardor, and you will not be overcome by high expectations.

Nathan Birch (Nathan Birch)

Resident Evil 4 Remake far from the amazing reimagining we all hoped for. It’s okay – too dark, at times monotonous, and sometimes even more action-like than the original. <…> Unlike the last two remakes resident evil, the fourth part, for some reason, lacks the enthusiasm that the original is famous for. Brooding but comedic horror style “Evil Dead” no more – a serious plot has come in its place, in which there is so little someone to worry about. I can’t say whether to blame the acting or directing, because the script of the project is of high quality.

Elijah Beam (Elijah Beahm)

Updated Resident Evil 4 launches March 24 on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series. Russian voiceover confirmed. A demo version of the remake is also available.


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