Another independent new product from Indie Sunday on Reddit is the strategic action-RPG Tyrant’s Twilight from first-time developer Caio Ramaglio. The turn-based role-playing game will take us far to the west – to the Lost Continent, hidden from everyone by the Tyrant God. But this will not happen soon; there is no release date yet. But there is an open beta test, which will take place from December 8 to 11 in Steam. To participate, you just need to leave an application.

Tyrant’s Twilight will tell us the story of Lady Alanna, the sister of the deceased hero who was supposed to save the world from the Tyrant God and his dark creatures. On her behalf, we will go to meet danger, gather allies around us and try to deal with the enemy.

According to Caio Ramaglio, what awaits us in Tyrant’s Twilight:

  • Real-time move mechanics, when each unit moves as long as it has the strength to do so;
  • Battles on behalf of heroes, in which we can control any unit using its skills and weapons;
  • Crafts and crafting, with the help of which we can collect resources to create weapons and equipment;
  • Dynamic locations that change due to magic or boss attacks.



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