Souls Surge (formerly Canyon Watch) – mobile MMO, in which players create their own avatars and level up in a large and open world. It is made in the style of medieval fantasy, so there are knights around, trees cut down by other players, as well as small settlements.

You can play Souls Surge through Google Play USA; This is a trial run. There is no information about the iOS version. This time, judging by the gameplay from YouTube, real players appeared in the locations, although there are still few of them.

Souls Surge allows choose a build your character, and also choose different equipment to suit your playstyle. You also need to explore the world and improve your character faster than others.

Also worth expecting PvP battles, when there are more people on the servers. Battles will take place in special arenas. More advanced players will be able to join a guild and participate in large-scale wars.

Available weapons in Souls Surge

  • Double blades;
  • Swords;
  • War hammers.

They can be combined with different talents and skills. The developers are talking about freely changing weapons, so expect a classless system.

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