The other day, August 9, at Apex Legends another season has started “The pursuit”. There were plenty of people who wanted to take a look at the new legend and other additions – on Steam alone, the maximum attendance of the action movie exceeded half a million users.

At the time of writing the news peak online Apex Legends in service valve, according to SteamDB, is 511,676 players. The result is especially impressive when you consider that this figure is only on one of the platforms. Battle Royale is also available on all current consoles, and the PC version can be downloaded not only on Steam, but also on Origin.

The start of the season was not ideal – a bug crept into the shooter, due to which the characters began to receive other people’s skills. Otherwise, however, there did not seem to be any major problems with the update – another achievement, especially considering the influx of users!

Recall the list of main novelties “Persecution”:

  • Another legend is the sniper Vantage.

  • Reworked map of Kings Canyon.

  • Increased max level.

  • A Battle Pass containing legendary skins, variable skins, and more.


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