Once Human continues to develop, but for now only in China. Therefore, a new post was published in the local market. It said that now players will not be tied to one place because of the base – now it will be replaced by a truck with the ability to build wooden shelters and turrets directly on it.

Judging by the description, players will be able to make not only a military base on wheels, but also a cozy home to get away from the hustle and bustle and go to the beach. You should also expect that a busier car will consume more energy.

Vans are especially useful for team work. For example, if one player dies, he can respawn near the vehicle.


The Once Human developers spotted a similar feature from Stalker and Prey. Players will encounter seemingly harmless objects that can cause significant harm. And to deal with them you will need to use your wits.

The collected anomalies need to be protected at home and monitored for ideal conditions for their life: air temperature, humidity, and so on. As a result, such items will help with crafting.

These and other innovations will appear in Once Human in November.


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